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My name is Signe Adams, my age … just a number! Experiences and observations – I’ve got plenty!

I am passionate about personal development and love the spiritual energy we all have inside of us and surround ourselves with. Energy is everywhere and is just as real as the air that we breathe.

You surely have days when the sky is the limit, and days when everything seems impossible.

This blog will contain my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with life and life energies in the hope that it will resonate within you. Perhaps it will give you an appreciation of what you already have or, if necessary, inspire you to make some changes/adjustments.

Who am I?

As with any path, there are signs – both directional and warning. Sometimes there are blinking lights. As I have travelled my path I have encountered many signs. I have chosen to ignore many of these. Consequently, because I ignored the numerous warnings my body gave me, I became ill and was diagnosed with cancer. These warnings can be interpreted as a kind of spiritual compass which is meant to help us move in the right direction. That does not mean that there is only one ”right” route. The warnings and signals should be seen as the right direction at exactly this time – for you, and only you.  

Shattering experiences (like a cancer diagnosis) can be catalysts for changing things in our lives. When we perceive these experiences as lessons, then we have the potential to change our path and move in a new direction.

If I were to do it again, I would take more chances, listen to my intuition and my inner self. Perhaps I would make a fool of myself, but is it a wiser choice to harvest experiences from well-intentioned decisions than to regret that which you did not dare?

With my life-affirming background, I hope to be able to inspire you to live the life you want.

It is a choice to live timidly or boldly, and the solution is to find comfort in the otherwise uncomfortable situations.

How do you choose to live? In fear or in trust?

I am the undisputed creator of my life. I control my motion and my path. With intense focus I go for my dream!

My blog posts will vary, and I will also write about other luminaries and their life work. My enthusiasm and passion covers the topics of energy (everything is energy), healing, and the interaction among people. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions. We need to save this wonderful planet. 

Now that the scene is set, I await a dialogue with you.

My posts

What an Exciting Time We Live in!

Wow. What a year we have had. It is incredible what has happened in the world and for the entire human collective – in such a short time. We still have a long way to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it is shining very bright. We have lost and...


Hope is like the sun. I really love that quote. Do you know the feeling when you switch your mindset from obstacles to possibilities, and how hope brightens up your whole day? Both for yourself and for those around you? How it is possible to change everything by...

We All Have a Choice!

We all have a choice! We do all have a choice about what we believe in, and where we choose to put our focus and our attention. Do we focus on all the things that we find bad, wrong, ugly, unfair, dangerous, and outright stupid – or do we consciously do our best to...

TRUST (and “You Can heal Your Life” – by Louise Hay)

THOUGHTS CREATE OUR LIVES. What we focus on and send energy to grows. That was the subject of my last post in January. And it has been more necessary than ever to keep that in mind during the Corona crisis – a worldwide awakening. When our society slowly started...

Footprints in the Sand

I worked for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 22 years, and while I was posted in the Philippines, I became acquainted with the poem “Footprints in the Sand,” and the words made a very deep impression on me when I saw them for the first time - and they still...

When Things Seem Tough

When Things Seem Tough A dear friend of mine just reminded me of the fact that we don’t always have to be in top shape and picture perfect to share what is going on in our lives. I definitely prefer to share all the great things that happen and thereby inspire people...

Trust and Surrender – Big Issues for Me

Trust and Surrender – big issues for me. I have a big issue with trust and surrender because I like to be in control. Do you know that feeling? Surrender is a key word for me. Deep inside I know that the Universe has my back. I need to trust and go with the flow. I...

Mercury in Retrograde!

MERCURY IN RETROGRADE! I am a big fan of Kari Samuels. My intention was to write about a different subject today, but since Mercury is in retrograde until November 20, I changed my mind ……. Below is the text of Kari’s latest newsletter, including a link to the...

Charlotte Banff – Animalhealer Academy

Charlotte Banff – Animal Healer.

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful animal healer, and the owner of Animalhealer Academy, this summer. Charlotte Banff made an everlasting impression on me.

She is very much involved in ODSHERRED ZOO RESCUE and in NYT HESTELIV (“NEW HORSELIFE”).

I will let a few words from her website speak for themselves, and I highly recommend that you read more about this fantastic and loving woman and the incredible job she is doing to help animals in need. This is just a short “appetizer” and a sample of her work. Read more on:


Would You Like to be an Alex in Somebody’s life?

I had the privilege of meeting Alex Petty at the GLAE (Global Luminary Activation Experience) event in France a few weeks ago. Alex made a deep impression on me. “To be an Alex” in somebody’s life means that you are present with an open heart and open ears – and your...

GLÆ 2019

  GLAE in France?? I wrote the following last week after a wonderful 5-day experience at a resort in France with the incredible Dr. Andrea Pennington: “GLAE 2019. What an amazing week in France at the first Global Luminaries Activation Experience. Thank you, dr....

Jeg klarede det og er blevet uendeligt meget klogere

Jeg klarede det. Jubiii:). Jeg trådte i den forløbne uge adskillige skridt ud af komfortzonen. Igen! Jeg tænkte undervejs adskillige gange på Neale Donald Walsch: ..... bare ved at gøre noget, der falder uden for det, andre kalder normen, er resultaterne ikke altid...

Intensivt kursus

Inden så længe skal jeg på et meget spændende kursus. Forventningerne er høje, og jeg er meget spændt på, hvad jeg får med mig hjem derfra. Jeg forventer at være meget klarere i min formulering af det budskab, jeg gerne vil ud i verden med, og det bliver helt sikkert...


Taknemmelighed. Jeg skriver ikke dagligt, men ofte i min taknemmelighedsdagbog. Og når jeg ikke direkte skriver i min lille bog, giver jeg udtryk for min taknemmelighed på andre måder. Det kan sagtens lade sig gøre under gåture, lige når jeg vågner, når jeg lægger...


Sårbarhed. Sårbarhed. Sårbarhed. Sårbarhed er ikke et ord, jeg har været begejstret for i mit liv. Jeg har altid tænkt, at det gjaldt om at være stærk og ressourcefuld, så jeg kunne klare livets bump og udfordringer. Jeg har altid været vant til at handle mig ud af de...

Det kan lade sig gøre at ændre sit liv!

Når det kan lade sig gøre for mig, kan det også lade sig gøre for dig. Kig dig omkring i dit liv. Er alt, som det skal være? Er der noget, du har lyst til at ændre? Noget der bare skal justeres lidt? Husk på at du er en kreativ skaber af dit liv. Dine tanker skaber...

Går du efter dine drømme?

Lytter du til dine drømme? Går du målbevidst efter dem? Når vi vælger at overhøre vores drømmes længsler, når vi ikke lytter til vores drømme, risikerer vi at blive syge. Det er kroppens måde at gøre os opmærksomme på, at der er noget galt. At der er noget, der skal...

Kender du det med at køre dig selv alt for langt ud?

Kender du det med at påtage dig alt for meget? Kender du det med at overhøre din indre stemme og undlade at se de røde lamper, der blinker og blinker og forsøger at advare dig om, at det er på tide at stoppe op? Stoppe op for at få overblikket igen? Stoppe op for at...

“Mit liv – min vej!”

Velkommen til min blog. Jeg skrev min bog, "Mit liv - Min vej!", (, på et tidspunkt, hvor jeg ikke længere kunne overhøre den stemme, der sagde, at det var det, jeg skulle. Bogen har bragt mig mange steder hen og i den grad styrket min personlige...