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The World is Awakening

Each time a new person awakens to the Universal truth, the whole of humanity rises a notch. The World is Awakening.

It is so true. I hear it every day, and I feel it even though I don’t really see it very clearly. It does not matter whether I see it or not – it is happening.

We are all growing so much spiritually now – and everybody will not feel it the same way. A lot of people will not even recognize what they are going through.

More and more of the world’s population will awaken and we are already millions. And that is quite a lot of people so we have a lot of power. Feeling lost and alone in this ascension process is not easy, but it is how most of us feel on an off. Lost and alone. It is time to look inward and find the answers to everything inside instead of looking for answers and explanations externally. We have all the answers inside – and we have had them all along. A truth we were never told. Until now, as more and more of us wake up to that truth.

There is so much hope, there is so much love, and there is so much to be grateful for.

Love is the key to everything – and love is the reason why we came here at this time.

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