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REPUBLISHING Footprints – Walk With Me! (Edited version)


My book was published in 2015 and republished in January 2022.


My book is about my physical trip with postings in Berlin (GDR), Washington, Manila, and Moscow as well as the concurrent spiritual journey caused by several bumps on life’s path. I explain how stress and a serious cancer illness woke me up and made me transform my life. By taking responsibility and leadership, I am in an ongoing process of creating the life I dreamed of. My spiritual way of looking at life as well as my belief that everything has a meaning and a purpose, gave me the courage to take responsibility for my health and my life.

Today, I challenge myself to be the best edition of myself ever. I am impassioned with the potential for inspiring others to do the same. I wish to live a life in authenticity and through that unpretentious style hope to help raise the energy on our lovely planet. At the same time I hope to inspire others to personal advancements. I believe that we are all one; we are all unique and divine beings who stem from the same spring and that we all have a purpose with being here.

My burning desire is to give others hope that things can change if they become aware and take responsibility for their own lives. I am challenging the health system and medicinal industry, and I am trying to draw peoples’ attention to the fact that chemo and medicine might not be the only solution to their problems. There is another and much healthier way, and the only “side effect” there is personal development and growth. I started to listen to the only true expert in my life. My own inner voice. An inner voice we all have access to when we quiet down and listen.

We don’t need the drama from serious illness before we adjust our course. We can do that now. Right now. Through new and better daily choices.

Have you considered what it takes before YOU do the things you know deep inside you are supposed to do?Let yourself be inspired by my adventurous and spiritual access to life’s challenges and endless possibilities.

Here is parts of a review from a reader:

Signe is energetic, positive, happy, and possesses a healthy dose of self irony. She shows great compassion for her surroundings while, at the same time, being able to care for herself. Signe has and expansive knowledge and can, in some areas, blow you away – because she’s on the edge of her seat wanting to share that knowledge with you. She has the ability to give you goosebumps by telling stories of her experiences in life. She wholeheartedly believes that love can suffocate evil and that we can be masters of our own life, when we believe it.

She attracts attention without being obvious, and when she has crossed your path, she will leave indelible footprints. Signe Adams makes you want to soak up some of the energy she surrounds herself with.

I can only say “try it, try it”. You won’t regret it. Even in rural Denmark there are big, colorful, fantastic, unique, and unforgettable characters. Signe Adams is one of them.

The book “Footprints – Walk With Me” is a terrific description of Signe Adams’ life. The readers follow her through sorrow and happiness and find themselves both crying and laughing along with her. It is not just a book you read, but a book with food for thought. A book you surely can read several times and discover something new every time.

My heart skips a beat when I hear the stories where it could have gone horribly wrong, and it skips again when everything falls into place.

Signe Adams has within a short amount of time become an idol of mine, and in many ways a teacher in how bad can be fought with love.

I can only recommend all who seek a glimpse into another world, to allow themselves to read Signe Adams’ book.


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