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Breaking down and getting back up again – with flow and new energy.


Three years ago, I broke down completely because of stress – and it took me a whole year to get back up and be able to work again. Not in the same shape and form as before, but in a wiser, more loving and spacious version.

A lot of serious decisions had to be made. I am not quite there yet, I must admit, but I am very, very grateful for the life I have today. It is almost the way I dreamed it would be. Adjustments are still necessary and ongoing as things are constantly changing. Especially since my life is in a more positive and energetic flow than it has been for years. New paths are being followed, and small steps are taken, one at the time. Every time I do a little thing, I am making progress.

Still Working At It

I published this on my American website a couple of years ago. A work still in progress?.

For many years I have made efforts to develop positive personal changes – concurrent with my work and family life. That resulted in the publication of my first book, Footprints – Walk With Me, which describes my life’s travels until now.

Today, I challenge myself to be the best edition of myself ever. I am impassioned with the potential for inspiring others to do the same. I have felt different and left out. I longed for something – something that I couldn’t define. This gave me an empty feeling, a feeling of loneliness. There must be a higher purpose with being here. It took me many years with personal challenges and continual efforts to approach my present, higher consciousness. That is where I am today. It also too a very long time for me to understand who I am and what I am supposed to do here on Earth. To understand that everything is energy, and that energy is motivation – that is one of the insights I have been given. Consequently, I have learned to differentiate among the many types of energy.

My Message

My mission is to give others hope that things can change if they become aware and take responsibility for their own lives. I wish to live a life in authenticity and through that unpretentious style hope to help raise the energy on our lovely planet. At the same time, I hope to inspire others to personal advancements. I believe that we are all one; we are all unique and divine beings who stem from the same spring and that we all have a purpose with being here.

I wrote my book “Footprints – Walk With Me!” because I want to be an inspiration to people who are at a stage in their lives where they want to make a change but do not know how, or at a stage where they have no hope. A serious illness can do that to you. I know. I am a cancer survivor.

Love and Light <3,




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