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I am a big fan of Kari Samuels. My intention was to write about a different subject today, but since Mercury is in retrograde until November 20, I changed my mind …….

Below is the text of Kari’s latest newsletter, including a link to the forecast for this month. At the bottom I have summed up this month’s action steps. Have a great month doing some deep work, everybody?.

Kari Samuels:

“We’re in the depths of Scorpio season. You most likely are feeling it. Emotional intensity is in the air.

Our Sun and Mercury are in close contact this month, both in Scorpio.

And…Mercury is retrograde. This isn’t just about computer snafus. You’ll be reconnecting your heart and mind for some surprising revelations.

11-11 is spectacularly magical this year.

Mercury will be creating some miracles on that powerful day.

I’ve detailed how to navigate this

Read more:’ll want to pay close attention. It’s going to be an epic month!”


Short summary: This month’s theme is radical change.  It is about getting in alignment with your soul. Prepare for change consciously.

This month’s action steps:

  1. Scorpio energy is keeping you in alignment with your deepest feelings – Mercury is about expressing your deepest feelings. It is time to express your feelings.
  2. Reconnect with your passions. It is important to live from your heart.
  3. Learn something new.

Enjoy yourselves while doing the work?.

Love and light,




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