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THOUGHTS CREATE OUR LIVES. What we focus on and send energy to grows.

Our thoughts create our lives – a statement that may provoke some people, but none the less I believe that it is the truth. We are solely responsible for our thoughts and thereby our lives. What we focus on and send energy to grows. And that is whether we focus on good things or bad things. Instead of lack and loss, focus on abundance and gain. Instead of focusing on the negative news – focus on the good and send energy to that instead. Focus on what you would like to grow and expand – and it will. I really think it is that simple but, unfortunately, we have a tendency to make it very complicated.

If you look around you and things are not the way you would like and love them to be – there is only one way out of that situation. Change your thought patterns, and get rid of everything in your life that no longer suits you – and are no longer beneficial for your personal development. And yet, that is much easier said than done. I know. I have struggled for years.

As a starting point I am not a person who wakes up every morning with a big smile on my face thinking life is just wonderful while jumping enthusiastically out of bed, but I do know that it is the only way possible to get a positive and fulfilling life. So I have learned the hard way that it is necessary for me to make a constructive decision every day that my life is wonderful as it is, and every day I decide that this is going to be a good day. I do my utmost to focus on positive thoughts and a positive mindset throughout the day. Every day. I am sure that this will attract more of what I want in my life.

Even though it does not come naturally to me, it gets a lot easier with practice and it also gets easier to focus on positive things and be grateful – instead of reading too much about all the terrible things that happen in the world. I help and support where I can, but it does not help or support anything or anybody if I get depressed and low and thereby end up in a very low and destructive energy. Focusing on the positive aspect of things help keeping my energy high, and in my world that is the most positive and constructive thing I can do – for me and for everybody else. That way I am – together with millions of other lightworkers – able to help by sending positive vibes out in the Universe and around the planet.

When things and people seem to fall apart around me I still think that my personal, positive outlook on life is the best path to follow. Both for me and for my surroundings. I am not saying it is easy, far from it, but I work on optimizing it every day and for me it is more necessary now than ever before. Because now I get instant karma, i.e. negative thoughts are followed by an instant reaction in my physical body resulting in different kinds of pain, back and knee problems etc. I have no choice anymore but to focus on positive thought patterns. An important lesson for me in this life time.

Being grateful for what we have Is also very beneficial during this process – instead of focusing on what is missing and lacking. If we focus on what is missing and lacking we will miss and lack even more, but if we focus on all the wonderful things and wonderful people we have in our lives, more will come. It helps me personally to have “A grateful journal”, because not only do I write about things that I am very grateful for in my life, but that fact alone changes my focus to positive things during the day. It is a win win situation for me and might work for you as well. It might be worth a try?!


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