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Trust and Surrender – big issues for me.

I have a big issue with trust and surrender because I like to be in control. Do you know that feeling? Surrender is a key word for me. Deep inside I know that the Universe has my back. I need to trust and go with the flow.

I come out strong, but I am in the process of working on a softer side of myself. “Let the softness in”, a friend said recently and that really resonated within me. Being strong with a desire to have control does not go well with trust and surrender, does it? What to do?

My next steps:

  1. As of today,I will believe in me.
  2. I will trust the Universe and surrender.
  3. I will accept that I am perfectly imperfect.
  4. I will trust that things are exactly as they are supposed to be.
  5. I will be true to myself.
  6. I will put my focus on where I am headed.
  7. I will go for my dream.

That should be easy enough, a piece of cake??. Manifesting portal opening tomorrow 11/11 will help. Now is the time to get rid of old stuff and old patterns that are no longer serving us. It is time to look ahead and go for our dreams. It is time to create the life we dream of for ourselves. Manifesting time for sure, and the universal energy is helping us succeed. .

Let go of the past, live in the present and create your future. Let go of everything that no longer serves you. – I am.

I will keep you posted?.

Love and light,




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