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THOUGHTS CREATE OUR LIVES. What we focus on and send energy to grows. That was the subject of my last post in January. And it has been more necessary than ever to keep that in mind during the Corona crisis – a worldwide awakening.

When our society
slowly started opening up again my lower back forced me to lie down for more
than two weeks – extending my confinement. Not that I mind being at home, not
at all, but I don’t enjoy being stuck in bed unable to move around.

Since a car accident
in Moscow in 1988 I have been struggling with back problems. As my lower and
middle back are my weak areas, negative thoughts and negative patterns activates
the problem, and from time to time I am being put down flat for some days. But this
time it was longer than normal. And, as usual, it made me wonder what I need to
change to get back on my feet again.

As a starting point, I am not a
person who wakes up every morning with a big smile on my face thinking life is
just wonderful while jumping enthusiastically out of bed, but I do know that it
is the only way possible to get a positive and fulfilling life. I succeed most
of the time, but sometimes I fail.

I had to close down my business
early March and, naturally, I have felt insecure about the future. While lying
down wondering how to “fix” my back I was reminded of my “bible”, Louise Hay’s
book “You Can Heal Your Life” from 1984.

Lower back: “Fear of money.
Lack of financial support” – and the affirmations connected to it: “I trust the
process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.”

Middle back: “Guilt. Stuck in
all that “stuff” back there. Get off my back” – and the affirmations connected
to it: “I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.”

As usual Louise Hay was spot on and I am very grateful to the wonderful people who reminded me of that book and
helped me back on the right track. I have spent the past weeks concentrating on the affirmations, positive thought patterns throughout the day, self love and  care, and voila! I am back on my feet again.

Back on my feet with a much more positive mindset, wiser, more joyful – and perhaps even more important: Ready to trust and surrender to the process of my life knowing that a great future lies ahead of me.

Feeling grateful and happy??


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