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We all have a choice!

We do all have a choice about what we believe in, and where we choose to put our focus and our attention. Do we focus on all the things that we find bad, wrong, ugly, unfair, dangerous, and outright stupid – or do we consciously do our best to focus on all the wonderful things that are happening simultaneously?

In the world right now, there are definitely more than enough weird things, chaos, hate, ignorance, and challenges going on, resulting in an abundance of possibilities to focus on all the problems. And the medias are only more than willing to help us going in that direction if we so choose.

But there is another possibility, because we do have a choice. We can focus on all the wonderful things that are also happening in the world. People have gotten closer in many ways during this pandemic, and Zoom has been a fantastic way to stay in touch with people you already know – and a great opportunity to make new friendships and find more members of your tribe.

We have a choice to focus on improving ourselves, raise our own personal energy, walk our talk, and focus on all the absolutely wonderful, enlightened people who are ALSO out there. Everywhere – and it is not that difficult – it is in fact very easy to find them – if you look!

During this pandemic, I have had coffee/tea meetings with people from all over the world – and I found out – to my big surprise, actually, that it is definitely possible to have wonderful, private, and intense conversations online. I have been so blessed to experience being 6 people from 6 different countries and 3 continents in one single call (similar experiences several times) – talking about the same subjects with a mutual understanding and wish to grow and make a better world.  In spite of probably completely different backgrounds – and definitely a very wide age span – we have found a place to meet and hold a space for each other, and  I think these talks are absolutely fantastic and gives me hope for a better future, peace on earth “and all that jazz”. It also gives me hope for humanity and the human race as a whole – and I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity to expand my knowledge of people, cultures, religions, etc.

So, this period has brought the world plenty of good stuff as well – and a higher awakening in a lot of people. Not in all, for sure, but a lot. And that in itself is very reassuring.

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