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Wow. What a year we have had. It is incredible what has happened in the world and for the entire human collective – in such a short time.

We still have a long way to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it is shining very bright.

We have lost and gained so much within a very short time. We are – every single one of us – following our own path. Some of us are in the front lines, and some of us are following slowly, but surely.

New insights are showing up almost every day. Friends are lost, and new friends are gained. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be in this massive Global Awakening.

We cannot see it every day, but staying in the presence is the only way out of and through this huge shift for humanity. Being in the now. It has been very strange and very uncomfortable for me to practice this new awareness, as earlier, I rarely was in the now and not very present. My emotional rollercoaster has forced me to look at my shadows, and forced me to release old patterns and traumas. It has not been easy, far from it, but it has been a necessary and rewarding next step in my development and growth. I have cried, and I have yelled, I have felt sad and frustrated, helpless and full of hope, and I have rested more than ever. Sleep and rest is a necessity in this awakening process.

Self care and self love has also been key words for me during this period of time. Love, compassion, and empathy are the tools to move forward, and inner peace is the result. There is so much divide everywhere that it sometimes feels completely hopeless, but then, all of a sudden, this inner knowing that everything is going to be ok overwhelms me. The feeling that I absolutely and truly know that we are getting through this, that we are being supported in every way, and that a new way of living together is right ahead of us – we can see glimpses of it in the horizon already – and humanity will step out of this suppressed state of fear and being controlled that we have been in for many, many hundreds of years. We are free and sovereign and spirits of divine light. I can feel it spread all over the world. I can see it, and feel people being ignited an lit up every second. Little dots of light are visible spreading fast all over our beautiful, blue planet – second by second. It is a beautiful view looking down from the Universe.

I have connected with so many wonderful souls the past year, and I feel extremely grateful. And it continues. We are connecting to our original soul groups. The wonderful souls that sat together with us deciding that we were going to be here together for this global event of awakening. We were going to help and be a part of this global ascension of the planet and its inhabitants at this time – an event that never happened before. How could we resist? How could we not cheer it on and want to be a part of and participate in this? Little did we know, how hard it was going to be, but still! We are here, we are doing this, and we have already succeeded. The more we shine our light, the more darkness will appear and then dissolve, because the darkness cannot survive in this strong light. We came here to do this – and we are doing it together. I feel it very strongly, and I am honored and grateful to be a part of this, walking alongside with all you beautiful souls that I have just met in this lifetime – or am just about to meet. Thank you so much for being here with me at this challenging time. You give me hope and joy – every single day.

Much love,




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